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Justin was showing off his ripped body while walking around Beverly Hills. His body is looking better than ever and check out that ass.

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2014.08.17 / Comments(0) / Category: Justin Bieber

Here’s former X-Factor contestant Sam Callahan showing off his super hot body on Instagram.

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2014.08.12 / Comments(0) / Category: Sam Callahan

Here is Reeve Carney showing off his hot ass in episode 6 of Penny Dreadful.

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2014.08.09 / Comments(0) / Category: Reeve Carney

Taylor Lautner Shows off his toned torso in the new trailer for BBC Three comedy Cuckoo. Lets hope he finally shows that ass.

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2014.08.05 / Comments(0) / Category: Taylor Lautner

Glenn McCuen had a very nice shirtless scene in episode 3 of Teen Wolf and his ass looked amazing in those sweatpants.

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2014.08.04 / Comments(0) / Category: Glenn McCuen

Ryan Kwanten once again showed off his amazing ass in the season 7 premiere of True Blood. Lets hope he has a few more butt shots before the end of the series.

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2014.08.02 / Comments(0) / Category: Ryan Kwanten

Arrow hottie Stephen Amell flashes his ripped abs at the request of an audience member during Comic-Con 2014. I love that body.

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2014.08.01 / Comments(0) / Category: Stephen Amell