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Here’s Tom Daley continuing to tease us with ‘naked’ pics on Instagram.

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2014.11.14 / Comments(1) / Category: Tom Daley

Finn Wittrock and Matt Bomer both showed off their hot bodies while standing in their underwear in the latest episode of American Horror Story S04E05. I’m still hoping for an Evan Peters butt shot this season.


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2014.11.12 / Comments(0) / Category: Finn Wittrock, Matt Bomer

Yet another hot ass shot from Theo Rossi in the final season of Sons of Anarchy. I cant wait for Jax to show that ass one more time.

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2014.11.11 / Comments(0) / Category: Theo Rossi

Former X-Factor UK contestant 18 year old Jack Walton strips off and shows us his amazing body in the latest issue of Attitude magazine but after teasing us with his ’secret’ bum tattoo he didn’t even give us a butt shot. More Inside.

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2014.11.10 / Comments(0) / Category: Jack Walton

Nick Jonas had his first sex scene in this weeks episode of ‘Kingdom’. Sadly he didn’t show off that sexy ass but he has confirmed we will see it in a future episode.


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2014.11.08 / Comments(0) / Category: Nick Jonas

This is the second Theo Rossi butt shot this season and I’m loving it. Keep them coming.

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2014.10.25 / Comments(0) / Category: Theo Rossi