Charlie Hunnam Gets Naked in Sons of Anarchy S05E03

It was another brutal episode of 'Sons of Anarchy' last night but on the plus side Jax got naked again and showed off that gorgeous butt. Charlie Hunnam is so hot. Theo Rossi who plays 'Juice' also had a brief shirtless shot. Enjoy. NibbleBit.com NibbleBit.com NibbleBit.com NibbleBit.com NibbleBit.com
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Charlie Hunnam Naked in Sons of Anarchy S02E01

As season 4 of Sons of Anarchy started this week and featured no nudity from Charlie Hunnam.  I thought I'd run through some of Jax's hottest nude scenes from past seasons. Here is his shower scene from season 2 premiere, again showing off that amazing ass. NibbleBit.com NibbleBit.com NibbleBit.comNibbleBit.com
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Charlie Hunnam Naked in Sons of Anarchy

I have been re-watching Sons of Anarchy on DVD and i had forgotten how hot Charlie Hunnam is. So here are some caps from the first season including some nice shirtless scenes and a very nice butt shot. He may have one of the best asses i have ever seen. More after the jump. NibbleBit.comNibbleBit.com NibbleBit.comNibbleBit.com NibbleBit.comNibbleBit.com
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