Dean Geyer Goes Skateboarding Shirtless

Dean Geyer was recently spotted skateboarding in Santa Monica........Shirtless! The 'Glee' hunk was once again showing off his buff body and ripped abs. Now he just has to do more of this in Glee.
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Dean Geyer Naked in Never Back Down 2

Check out these caps of Glee hottie Dean Geyer in 'Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown'. Dean spends most of the movie shirtless showing his ripped, sweaty body and he even gets his hot ass out in a very brief butt shot. Enjoy.
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Dean Geyer Shirtless in Glee S04E01

Former Terra Nova star Dean Geyer made his debut in the premiere of Glee season 4 last night. The Australian hunk's first scene was him shirtless coming out of the shower displaying that gorgeous body. Hopefully there will be more to come because I'm really losing interest in this show.
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#Shirtless, #Abs, #Dean Geyer, #Glee


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