Evan Peters Shows that Butt in American Horror Story S02E02

It was another good episode of 'American Horror Story' this week and to make it even better Evan Peters showed us that hot ass (the one on the right) when he got spanked by Jessica Lange's nun, Sister Jude. I love his bug butt and he said in a recent interview he shows it a lot in this season, so hopefully there will be more to come. NibbleBit.com NibbleBit.com
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Evan Peters Naked in American Horror Story S02E01

The first episode of the new series of 'American Horror Story' started on Wednesday night. Its another weird plot but I enjoyed it and I'm eager to see more. It was a nice surprise to see Evan Peters finally naked and I had no idea he had such a hot ass. NibbleBit.com NibbleBit.com NibbleBit.com NibbleBit.com
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