Taylor Lautner Shirtless in Cuckoo Trailer

Taylor Lautner Shows off his toned torso in the new trailer for BBC Three comedy Cuckoo. Lets hope he finally shows that ass.

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Taylor Lautner Bulges in Abduction Set Stills

Twilight hottie Taylor Lautner was so hot in 'Abduction' that i thought I'd post these set stills from the movie including from his fight sequence with Jason Isaacs and his shirtless scene. Someone has got to get him to do a butt shot soon. NibbleBit.com NibbleBit.com NibbleBit.com NibbleBit.com
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Taylor Lautner Looking Hot in GQ

Here's Taylor Lautner looking very hot and flashing his abs in this new GQ photoshoot. NibbleBit.comNibbleBit.com NibbleBit.comNibbleBit.com
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Taylor Lautner New Moon Stills

3 New stills of a very hot Taylor Lautner Shirtless as usual in New Moon. I cant wait to see the filmm, Do you have your tickets booked for Friday?
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Taylor Lautner EW Photoshoot

Some very, very nice pictures of Taylor from a recent photoshoot he did with Kristen Stewart for Entertainment Weekly. Enjoy. NibbleBit.comNibbleBit.comNibbleBit.comNibbleBit.com NibbleBit.com
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Nice Arm's Taylor

This is a fairly new picture of Taylor Lautner looking very hot and showing us his huge arms. Very Nice.
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Hot, Hot, Hot!

New Shirtless Taylor Lautner from the 'Meet Jacob' Trailer. So Sexy. Can't wait for November.
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Hot, Hot, Hot!

Todays HOT, HOT, HOT! post is a .gif i just found of Taylor Lautner taking his shirt off from the New Moon Teaser.
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