Steven R. McQueen Eyecon 2011

The Eyecon Convention in Atlanta was this past weekend and Vampire Diaries cutie Steven R. McQueen was on hand to do a Q & A with Kat Graham. Here are a few pics from the event. Love the bulging biceps, now he just needs to show us the rest.
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Michael Trevino Bulges for Bench

These are the latest bench underwear ads featuring Vampire Diaries hunk Michael Trevino. Love the pics in the briefs. More Inside.
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Michael Trevino in Vampire Diaries Ep03x06

Michael Trevino finally showed us a bit of skin on last weeks Vampire Diaries. Great body but I'm hoping to see Stefan shirtless more this season.
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Finally, Steven R. McQueens Abs!

Vampire Diaries Hottie Steven R McQueen finally show us his abs at EyeCon Sci-Fi convention. Hopefully he'll have more shirtless shots in Vampire Diaries when it returns.
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Ian Somerhalder Gets Wet in Vampire Diaries

Damon had two great shirtless scenes in this week's Vampire Diaries, first in the shower and then in the bathtub at the end of the show. I'm still hoping for some Steven R. McQueen shirtless action and of course more from Paul Wesley.
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Paul Wesley Shirtless in New Vampire Diaries

One of my favorite shows "The Vampire Diaries" started again this week with episode 02x12 and finally, for the first time this Season,  Paul Wesley went shirtless and showed us that amazing body. As usual it was another great episode and Damon was absolutley amazing. Can't wait for next week.
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