Steven R. McQueen Eyecon 2011

The Eyecon Convention in Atlanta was this past weekend and Vampire Diaries cutie Steven R. McQueen was on hand to do a Q & A with Kat Graham. Here are a few pics from the event. Love the bulging biceps, now he just needs to show us the rest.
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Kellan Lutz Bulging

Here are a collection of pics of Kellan Lutz showing bulging whilst jogging and walking his dog. Wow, check out the size of that bulge. Amazing.
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#Bulge, #Kellan Lutz, #Biceps


Alexander Ludwig Sexy Shirtless

This is 18yr old Canadian actor Alexander Ludwig from Disney's Race to Witch Mountian. Here he is finally showing off his super hot sixpack. More Inside.
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#Shirtless, #Abs, #Alexander Ludwig, #Biceps


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