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Cameron Monaghan shows off his hot body while dancing shirtless in Shameless S04E08.

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2014.03.11 / Comments(0) / Category: Cameron Monaghan, Shameless

Here’s Chris Mears looking very hot in his tiny trunks and showing off his impressive bulge in a new shoot for Winq magazine.

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2014.03.07 / Comments(0) / Category: Chris Mears

Now he just needs to lose the boxers. His body is amazing, so hot!

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2013.07.04 / Comments(2) / Category: Sam Oldham

Here is ‘The Hunger Games’ hottie Alexander Ludwig shirtless at the beach showing us those ripped abs and a very impressive bulge.

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2013.01.04 / Comments(0) / Category: Alexander Ludwig

Twilight hottie Taylor Lautner was so hot in ‘Abduction’ that i thought I’d post these set stills from the movie including from his fight sequence with Jason Isaacs and his shirtless scene. Someone has got to get him to do a butt shot soon.

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2012.11.19 / Comments(0) / Category: Taylor Lautner

‘Skins’ hottie Jack O’Connell went shirtless in his TV movie ‘Dive’ showing us that hot body, It’s a shame he didn’t get that cute butt out too.

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2012.10.22 / Comments(0) / Category: Jack O'Connell

Here’s actor and singer Ross William Wild. I don’t know much about him but he recently shared a twitter pic showing us his hot ass while lying on a glass floor.

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2012.10.21 / Comments(0) / Category: Ross William Wild