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Here is Tom showing a very impressive and very visible bulge in a new preview pic of his 2015 calendar and some shots from July’s issue of Attitude magazine. Enough teasing now, it’s time to get that ass out.

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Glenn McCuen had a very nice shirtless scene in episode 3 of Teen Wolf and his ass looked amazing in those sweatpants.

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British actor Joe Cole gets naked and shows off his cute ass in the movie ‘Offender’.

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Here’s a nice pic of Toms very impressive bulge whilst diving.

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Here is former Eastenders actor David Witts showing off his super hot shirtless body and his huge cock bulging in a tiny pair of briefs.

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Here’s Jack Laugher nearly bulging out of his briefs and showing off his amazing bubble butt in this issue of Gay Times magazine  This is one of my favourite Gay Times Issues ever, Jacks body looks incredible.

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Here’s UK Diver and friend of Tom Daley, Chris Mears Bulging Nicely as always whilst diving.

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