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Dan Osborne stole the show at the premier of The Expendables 3 displaying a very impressive bulge. Looking Hot.

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2014.09.15 / Comments(0) / Category: Dan Osborne

Toms bulge looks huge in these new pics from a recent diving event.

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2014.09.08 / Comments(1) / Category: Tom Daley

Here is Tom showing a very impressive and very visible bulge in a new preview pic of his 2015 calendar and some shots from July’s issue of Attitude magazine. Enough teasing now, it’s time to get that ass out.

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2014.08.22 / Comments(0) / Category: Tom Daley

Glenn McCuen had a very nice shirtless scene in episode 3 of Teen Wolf and his ass looked amazing in those sweatpants.

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2014.08.04 / Comments(0) / Category: Glenn McCuen

British actor Joe Cole gets naked and shows off his cute ass in the movie ‘Offender’.

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2014.06.28 / Comments(0) / Category: Joe Cole

Here’s a nice pic of Toms very impressive bulge whilst diving.

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2014.06.22 / Comments(0) / Category: Tom Daley

Here is former Eastenders actor David Witts showing off his super hot shirtless body and his huge cock bulging in a tiny pair of briefs.

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2014.06.20 / Comments(0) / Category: Uncategorized