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This is the second Theo Rossi butt shot this season and I’m loving it. Keep them coming.

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What a gorgeous ass on Theo Rossi in the season premiere of Sons of Anarchy. Hopefully Jax will be getting naked this season too.

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2014.10.15 / Comments(0) / Category: Theo Rossi

Ryan Phillippe shows us that beautiful ass again in his new movie ‘Catch Hell’. That ass has always been amazing.


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Nick Jonas looks amazing as he grabs his crotch and shows off his hot ass in this photoshoot for Flaunt magazine. The 22 year old recently promised that we’d see alot of nudity in his new show ‘Kingdom’

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Shameless US star Cameron Monaghan gets naked again and shows us that amazing ass in his new movie Jamie Marks Is Dead. I never get tired of seeing that ass.

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Here’s 5 Seconds of Summer hottie 18 yr old Calum Hood showing off his impressive dick on snapchat and his hot ass on twitter. More after the jump.


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