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In the latest episode True Blood, hottie Noah Matthews had his first nude scene and showed us his stunning peachy bum.  Enjoy.

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2014.07.29 / Comments(0) / Category: Noah Matthews

I Loved Chris in Kaboom and i was hoping for some nudity from him in his new show ‘The Leftovers’ and he didn’t disappoint in episode 1.

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2014.07.28 / Comments(0) / Category: Chris Zylka

In the first 5 minutes of Savages Taylor Kitsch is naked showing off his big meaty ass while fucking Blake Lively’s character ‘O’.

Average 4.00 by 4 people.

2014.06.30 / Comments(0) / Category: Taylor Kitsch

One of my fave celebs ever Aaron Taylor-Johnson looked so hot in Savages and he even showed off his beautiful ass in a perfect butt shot. Amazing.

Average 4.00 by 6 people.

2014.06.29 / Comments(0) / Category: Aaron Taylor-Johnson

British actor Joe Cole gets naked and shows off his cute ass in the movie ‘Offender’.

Average 5.00 by 2 people.

2014.06.28 / Comments(0) / Category: Joe Cole

Here’s a nice pic of Toms very impressive bulge whilst diving.

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2014.06.22 / Comments(0) / Category: Tom Daley

Bitten saved one of their  best butt shots till the finale when Michael Xavier’s character got naked and showed off that incredible bubble butt.

Average 3.00 by 2 people.

2014.06.19 / Comments(0) / Category: Michael Xavier