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I love Chris Zylka and I had forgotten he got naked in a movie called ‘ The People I’ve Slept With’. He only has a small role in the movie but lucky for us he spends most of the time naked and shows us his hot ass.

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2012.10.23 / Comments(2) / Category: Chris Zylka

Here’s actor and singer Ross William Wild. I don’t know much about him but he recently shared a twitter pic showing us his hot ass while lying on a glass floor.

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2012.10.21 / Comments(0) / Category: Ross William Wild

The first episode of the new series of ‘American Horror Story’ started on Wednesday night. Its another weird plot but I enjoyed it and I’m eager to see more. It was a nice surprise to see Evan Peters finally naked and I had no idea he had such a hot ass.

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2012.10.19 / Comments(0) / Category: Evan Peters

Here are a few caps of Zac Efron bulging and giving us a nice view of that hot ass in tighty whities in this clip from ‘The Paperboy’. I love his big ass but those tighty whities just aren’t tight enough.

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2012.10.16 / Comments(0) / Category: Zac Efron

‘True Blood’ hottie Ryan Kwanten gets his hot ass out a few times in his new Australian movie ‘Not Suitable for Children’. In the film Ryan plays a young playboy who learns he has one month until he becomes infertile sets out to procreate as much as possible, and in the process treats us to some nice shots of that butt.

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2012.10.15 / Comments(0) / Category: Ryan Kwanten

Here are the caps from Matt Bomer’s deleted Ken Doll striptease scene from ‘Magic Mike’. In the scene Matt strips down to a tiny orange thong showing off that gorgeous fat ass and a decent bulge.  I’m hoping for a lot more of these scenes to be on the DVD/Blu Ray extra’s.

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2012.10.10 / Comments(1) / Category: Matt Bomer

David Beckham was spotted running around during a photoshoot for his H&M underwear. David was wearing a pair of tight boxer briefs showing off his hot ass. I wish there was a view from the front.

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2012.10.03 / Comments(0) / Category: David Beckham